When I came across Yoga, it was instant love. My practice has evolved from a vigorous physical approach to a more subtle and silent one. The Yoga journey is a continuing process. There are many next steps to explore, new things to learn, unknown techniques to discover to keep my own practice alive and inspiring. In the past 15 years I have met some wonderful teachers who gave and continue to give me the subject of Yoga.
I’m very grateful and happy to share this gift with you.
You can choose to do Yoga in a group setting or in a private coaching session.

Hope to see you at Yoga SuCasa.

With love, Wendy Manders


To share the beauty of Yoga with others, to have fun, play and laugh together. We create a space where you feel at home, where you can strengthen your body, release some tension and enjoy the silence within you.
We welcome you as you are.


Practice within your own range of possibilities under the guidance of a skilled teacher. It is best you come and try! Check the schedule and contact us to reserve your spot.

Yoga Explore body, breath and mind and experience balance, silence and effortlessness. The class is a combination of warming up exercises, traditional Yoga postures, breathing and meditation techniques.

Meditation Learn to be in a state of meditation; experience it’s power to clear the mind, reduce stress and discover that the source of energy and joy is already within us.

We offer these classes also InCompany.